Embracing the Essence of Mawu, the West African Mother Earth Goddess.

Mawu, the revered West African Mother Earth Goddess, is the heart and soul of our brand, Mawu Africa. Named after this powerful deity, we draw inspiration from her timeless wisdom and the rich mythology that surrounds her. Just as Mawu represents harmony, creativity, and empowerment, we strive to create a platform that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Africa while promoting sustainable practices that benefit both the planet and its people.

Our Shared Values: Embodying Mawu

At Mawu Africa, we are inspired by the ancient Benin goddess Mawu, whose name embodies the EPIC values that define our online crafts marketplace.


We channel the spirit of Mawu-liza, the nurturing African goddess, in all our interactions. With our customers, we actively listen and tailor solutions to their needs, much like Mawu-liza's compassion for her creation. With our artisan partners, we recognize their unique challenges and aspirations, ensuring fair compensation and dignified work conditions. This echoes the benevolence of Mawu-liza, fostering trust and meaningful relationships among all stakeholders.


The dynamism of Mawu-liza infuses our operations. Just as the goddess breathes life into the world, we seek innovation and progress in all we do. This drives the evolution of our platform,making it more efficient and user-friendly and also empowers our artisans to enhance their skills and create higher-quality products, advancing their economic prospects, aligning with Mawu-liza's constant nurturing and growth.


Mawu-liza embraces all. Likewise, we are committed to inclusivity, ensuring our platform is accessible to artisans from all backgrounds and regions. This inclusive approach preserves and shares the rich tapestry of African culture,much like Mawu-liza's embrace of the entire world.


Community is the essence of our brand, mirroring Mawu-liza's nurturing spirit. We engage with local communities, respecting their traditions, and aim to have a positive impact on their economic well-being. Through collaboration with local organizations, partners, and customers, we foster a sense of togetherness, just as Mawu-liza cares for her creation, ensuring the livelihoods of all involved are enhanced.

Mawu Africa is more than an online crafts marketplace. It is a celebration of the divine connection between creativity, culture, and community. By honoring the spirit of Mawu, we strive to create a space where African stories can flourish, where traditions can be cherished, and where the beauty and wisdom of our continent can be shared with the world.

Our Pillars

  • Empowerment

    We empower African artisans by providing them access to a global market and the tools for economic advancement.

  • Inclusivity

    By connecting artisans, even those in remote areas, with global consumers, we contribute significantly to the economic growth of traditionally underserved communities.

  • Ethical Trade

    We adhere to ethical trade practices, ensuring that no trade is done at the expense of artisans.

  • Sustainability

    We promote sustainable craftsmanship, respecting traditional techniques and materials to support environmental preservation.

  • Cultural Appreciation

    We value and promote cultural heritage preservation.