Women and girls, in some parts of Africa, are forced to trade sex for money to purchase sanitary towels. In other instances, some rely on makeshift items such as newspapers, pieces of clothes and leaves when they are menstruating. These improvised sanitary products can cause urinary and reproductive tract infections. 
To respond to this, Muthoni Unchained has made a commitment to support women and girls from these communities with reusable sanitary towels and pants. A percentage of every sale goes towards securing the future of women and girls in our community.  

Pads Drive Baringo

A study conducted in Kenya in 2015 found that 10% of fifteen year old girls that researchers questioned had ‘had sex for money’ so that they could afford sanitary towels. 5 years down the line, teens are still trading sex for money to buy sanitary towels as covered in this story 
Our team partnered with Guzo Kenya for a pads drive initiative that saw us visit 3 towns in Baringo and impact over 200 girls in the area.