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How to write a good product description on Mawu

 In this blog post, we'll be going through the best practices for writing a product description that will sell.
In order to help you with your product page content on Mawu, this article will cover different types of product descriptions and how they can be used.

Benefits of good product description

  1. It educates the consumers about the product they are browsing
  2. It builds trust with the consumers by making sure that your product descriptions are clear, accurate, and honest
  3. It helps your online store look professional. With good product descriptions, potential customers will know you are good at what you do.
  4. It helps you stand out among competitors
  5. It helps increase conversion rates, that is, the number of consumers who view your product and end up buying.

Tip: A good engaging product description should use the following format: (Paragraph of product story + bulleted list of product specifications or features)

Below are the parameters for writing a good product description:
1. Title
Focus on writing short, clear, descriptive titles that make it easy for shoppers to find what you’re selling. Lead with the keywords that best describe what your item is since that’s what shoppers see first when browsing.
(Keywords to use: African, handmade, handcrafted, locally sourced, locally made, hand stitched, custom made, pure leather, pure brass, home decor, african traditional )
Best title format;
[name of brand] - [Keyword] - [product name]
Example; Culture Hub - Pure brass - African - Earrings
                  Culture Hub - Handwoven - Kikoi - Blanket
2. Production technique & Material
Mention where the raw material is sourced from and the method used to make the product e.g weaving for baskets, carving for soapstone/wood etc
Example; This plate is made from soapstone which is sourced from Kisii region, Kenya. We carve the soapstone by hand to form different objects and designs, then dye them in different colors.
3. Dimension
For some products, scale can be key. Try adding tags that describe the size and shape of your products to reach shoppers looking for the right fit. 
Mention; size in (cms/inches), weight in (kgs), general size (small, medium, large), you can add an illustrative image of the product fitting or size, footwear (slim fit or wide fit) and size chart.
Example;  The painting is 60cms by 40cms OR The clay pot comes in sizes Large (15kgs weight, 30cm diameter and 45cm height), medium (10kgs weight, 20cm diameter and 35cm height)......
4. Function/Use
Mention how the product works or functions or how to wear it. You can add an image showing the product in use or worn.
Example; This jacket can be paired with a skirt for a nice smart casual look or can be paired with a pair of  leather pants for an evening look.
This vase can be used to hold flowers or as a decor item on its own, placed on a bookshelf or on top of a table.
5. Product Story
This is what will sell your product! Mention about the motivation behind the piece of art. Talk about the product history e.g maasai shukas origin, kiondos original purpose, leather bags production process. Add in keywords that will help in searching for your product.
Example; Maasai shukas were originally worn to protect the Maasai people from the harsh weather and terrain of the savannah. The shuka is made from 100% cotton and others are made from acrylic.
6. Availability
Let the customers know on the availability of the product;
1. Ready made
2. Made on order - mention the timeline for production and that the material or color used might not be the same as the one on the photo but the design is the same.
    7. Maintenance
    Mention how the product should be handled, cleaned or maintained for the item to last longer and to avoid damage.
    Example; To clean any wooden dishes like plates, cups or cutlery, avoid water and instead wipe it with a little oil and a cloth.
    To clean brass jewelry, just use the brass polisher and a cloth to maintain its shine.
    8. Accessories
    Mention to the customers if the product comes with any accessories e.g manual,  extra buttons, a purse, extra straps, belt etc

    Here’s is an example of a good product description:

    Example 1:

    This set of 3 beautiful handwoven laundry basket is made from durable straw grass from Uganda ( East Africa), these handmade laundry baskets are lightweight and suitable for everyday use. All baskets have a lid that covers it nicely. It can be used for decoration or home storage like clothes, quilt or dolls. The set is available in 3 different sizes ( Large, Medium, Small).


    Large= H 20in ( 51cm) * W 17in (43cm)

    Medium= H 18in (46cm) * W 15in (38cm)

    Small= H 16in (41cm) * W 13in (33cm)


    Example 2:


    Handwoven in Kenya, our nesting floor baskets are the perfect way to keep your clothes organized until laundry day and help to declutter your home. Your new Sisal basket will last the test of time. They are incredibly durable, functional, and oh so stylish. Your woven nesting baskets can also be used as a great XL storage basket, decorative basket, blanket basket and our favorite; the ultimate spot for hide and seek.


    Large - Approximately 22inches wide x 12inches tall

    Medium - Approximately 20inches wide x 11inches tall

    Small - Approximately 18inches wide x 10inches tall


    100% Sisal. Handmade by a women in the rural areas in Kenya, first, the plant is harvested, dried, and then woven into one-of-a-kind baskets.

    Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & color may vary. The leather handle colors will vary and may range from black or brown to an oiled red color.

    Variations and flaws are to be expected and the perfection of the baskets are in their little handmade imperfections.


    Your basket may arrive misshapen or flattened. Don't fret, they are easy to shape. Soak your basket in the bathtub with cold water or use a hose to spray it down. Let sit for a few minutes while the grass absorbs the water. Then use your hands to press out the creases to shape as desired. Try not to get the leather handle wet.


    Our mission is to bring hope to the women and children in these rural villages where access to education and business opportunities are limited.

    By supporting “YOUR BRAND NAME” with your purchase, you are helping to empower generations of women in Kenya to be self-sufficient, self-employed, and owners of their own businesses. It's our hope to empower women-owned businesses across Africa while bringing the stories of the women behind the baskets to light.

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