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Visual marketing is essential to building a brand online. At MAWU, we are keen to ensure high-quality visual content like product images as it can make or break your online presence and customer experience. With time we have noticed the high-quality imagery has consistently proven to boost engagement, establish credibility, and most importantly, improve conversion rates.

Why are good product images so important?
When a customer isn’t in a brick and mortar store, they have to rely completely on the imagery and descriptions on your site to make their buying decision. This makes high-quality product images crucial to the success of your business. We have prepared a guideline to help have the best product images.
As you plan photography for your products, it is important to have at least more than one image to show the usage, size and styling of a product. Below are the product images we recommend:
1. Main Image- Usually a professional photo of the product on a white background 
2. Lifestyle image - this show your products in use and will help potential customers envision themselves using your product.
3. Size proportion images - just as the name suggests, these are images that show the dimensions of your product in terms of length, width and height. This can also be indicated on the product description if image is not available.


 4. Customer Images - these are photos taken by actuals customers while they use your product. These images are often posted to social media and can be used as social proof. When potential customers see actual buyers enjoying your products, it reassures them.



Site Standard for Product Images:

  • Images must accurately represent the product that is for sale.
  • Product must fill at least 85% of the image.
  • Image size should be 1024x1024 px for optimal zoom experience ona product
  • Images must be JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg), PNG(.png), or GIF (.gif) file formats. JPEG is preferred.
  • Images must not be blurry, pixelated, or have jagged edges.
  • Images must not include any logos or trademarks, or variations, modifications
  • Images must not include any badges. This includes, but is not limited to "Best seller," or "Top seller"
  • Images must not contain nudity or be sexually suggestive.
    Note: For the main image below guidelines have to be adhered to:
    • MAIN images must have a pure WHITE background to blend with the other products on the platform
    • MAIN images must be professional photographs of the actual product (graphics, illustrations, mockups, or placeholders are not allowed).
    • MAIN images must show products outside of their packaging. Boxes, bags, or cases should not appear in the image unless they are an important product feature.
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