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About Us

Mawu, the revered West African Mother Earth Goddess, is the heart and soul of our brand, Mawu Africa. Named after this powerful deity, we draw inspiration from her timeless wisdom and the rich mythology that surrounds her.

Our purpose is driven by the belief that, like Mawu-liza breathes life into the world, we too can breathe life into the dreams and aspirations of African makers (artisans). By connecting them with a global audience and providing them with opportunities for economic advancement, we contribute to the realization of their visions while preserving and celebrating the cultural heritage that defines Africa.

By doing so, we aim to create a more inclusive world through cultural exchange by empowering craftspeople, fostering sustainable economic growth, and celebrating cultural richness.

Our Origin Story: Meet The Founders

Mawu Africa was born from the shared passion for African crafts by Paula and Jenn, two individuals deeply rooted in the continent's rich cultural heritage. Growing up in Africa, they recall the warmth of the wooden cooking utensils and the charm of the hand woven straw bags that filled their homes. However, upon venturing beyond Africa and traveling the globe, they were struck by the stark absence of these exquisite creations in other parts of the world. Driven by a desire to bridge this gap and share the beauty of African craftsmanship with a global audience, Paula and Jenn embarked on a mission to establish Mawu Africa. Their vision went beyond mere commerce; it was about preserving cherished childhood memories while empowering African artisans with consistent and sustainable income opportunities. Through Mawu Africa, they sought to create a platform where the cultural treasures of Africa could be celebrated and appreciated worldwide, enriching lives and communities in the process.

Our Impact

Mawu Africa is committed to SDG 8 by economically empowering African artisans. Through our platform, makers gain access to wider markets, fostering sustained economic growth and creating sustainable livelihoods.

  • 800+ makers empowered

    Our marketplace is home to a dynamic community of over 800 makers, each contributing their unique talents from four African countries.

  • 25 markets reached

    Successfully shipped to 25 markets, becoming ambassadors of African craftsmanship and cultural heritage on a global scale.

  • 50% Revenue Boost

    Makers on our platform have witnessed a significant 50% increase in craft sales revenue, a testament to the economic empowerment facilitated by our mission.

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