How do I sign up?

Here's how to sign up

1. Click here

2. Set up Account

4. Upload products

5. Start selling

What can I sell on Mawu Africa?

Mawu is a marketplace that celebrates the diverse creativity of African culture. We require sellers to list African authentic crafts and items of art and fashion.

How do I get paid?

Paypal or Mpesa.

Ensure the respective payment details are set up in your profile.

Payment are made 24hrs after order fulfilment for local orders and 7days after order fulfilment international orders.

Are there any hidden charges if I order from Mawu Africa?

No. There are no hidden charges when shopping on Mawu Africa.

Am I charged to sell?

Joining and opening a shop on Mawu Africa is free. You pick a plan when signing up. However, we do charge a 10% -18% commission based on the item value for every product sold.

How do I get notified of an order?

Order notifications are sent via the email you use to set up your account

How much time do I have to ship an order?

You have up to 48hrs to drop off the order at our fulfilment center.

Can I ship other orders sold outside your platform with Mawu Africa?

We offer free shipping services to all our sellers. This is for items purchased on our platform. For items sold by the seller independently, but needs help shipping, we extend this service to the seller as well at a fee.

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Why were some of my product uploads rejected?

Answer This could be due to many reasons which are always indicated on the email you get when the product is rejected. Some of them are;

Poor Image quality: Recommended Image should be 1024x1024 and fill 85%of the frame. Avoid watermarks and text on the image.

Busy Image background: Image background should be plain preferably white.

Inventory quantity: Indicate the number of items in stock

Incorrect pricing: As a seller you can choose the currency you upload with. Make sure the add the correct pricing based on your currency

Image contains contact information such a phone number, email or SM handles.

Branded images.

Can I send my product upload for reapproval?

Yes. Correct the issue with the product uploaded and send it for approval again.