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Who can Sell on Mawu ?

Makers of handmade products(crafts). These could be artisans, vulnerable groups, creative SMES, Brands & NGOs who are directly working with the artisans for their production.

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What can I Sell on Mawu?

what to Sell on Mawu

Made in Africa

Crafts whose entire production process is within the continent.

what to Sell on Mawu

Locally Sourced

Crafts that are made with raw materials sourced within Africa’s local communities.

what to Sell on Mawu

Handmade with Love

Crafts that are majorly made by hand and with little machine intervention.

what to Sell on Mawu

Sustainable Products

Crafts that are made through sustainable practices and do no harm to the environment.

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"Join Mawu Africa, where we celebrate your craftsmanship and connect you with discerning buyers seeking unique creations. With us, your artistry is not just displayed, but celebrated, in an ethically conscious marketplace. Let us be your partner in success - list your products with us today!"

Pauline Kariuki, Co-Founder and Head of Operations

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