Why buy from Us


We believe that the best way to experience Africa is through its beautiful handicrafts. 

Handicrafts are unique expressions of our African culture and traditions, that preserve our traditional knowledge and talents. 

We are committed to working with artisans in our local communities to provide quality Handicrafts and create an authentic and exquisite collection which is curated tastefully!


100% Handmade

100% Handmade

All our pieces are hand made with love from our Artisans.



Muthoni Unchained is ethically produced

Ethically produced

No child or forced labor is employed. We partner with talented artisans within our communities and are committed to offering a fair compensation that provides a decent standard of living. All materials used are sourced with the utmost respect for the environment and its precious resources.


Muthoni unchained is socially driven

Socially driven

Your support of our business goes a long way. A percentage of each sale goes towards our Dada pad drive initiative . Empowering young girls in our communities to change the narrative and take control of their destiny. 


Muthoni unchained is locally sourced 

 Locally sourced

We work with artisans from our local communities and use sustainable materials found all across the continent.



Muthoni unchained is specially handpicked for you

Specially Handpicked

Every piece uses unique materials and is exclusively made for you!